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 MR. ISH aka Latino-Dragon
Mira Rico y Jay...

Que Pasa hermanos... Diganme que es lo que esta pasando y cuando van a pasar por Munich, para visitarlos!

MR. ISH aka Latino-Dragon

01-28-2008 8:52

Hola, mi amigos Jay y Rico! I have only uno deseo. Can you tell me just some dates,when you are in germany? Love you... Your biggest fan Lena. :-* beso
01-23-2008 3:27

 XXX Kathi XXX
Hello Jay, I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Pleaz write me!!! Obicham te!!!!!!!!!!
celuvka!!!!!!!! JAY PLEASE!

01-21-2008 20:34

 da6unia [GIRL]
YOU are the BEst guys! i love your songs ALL of them!! spain is the best!! and pachanga ToO!! luw ya =]]
from lithuania

01-17-2008 18:50

 Pepa Lola
Pachanga Are The Bestest You Should Come To Murcia !!! I Love You Both !!! x x x

01-12-2008 14:14

Hi brow !!!

Ich bins Nebo aus Brazilien

ruf mich an bruder O.K.

Bruder !!! Ruf mich an ! 55-11-84068420

01-11-2008 23:28

 katie anne
keep up guys! from Philippines!
01-11-2008 4:23

 ana corpuz
hey guys you are cool! you have a great songs!
01-11-2008 4:19

you guys rock!!!excellent music!!kiss from greece!!
01-09-2008 13:20

 Pachanga Support
Hey Pachanga fans!
Watch out for:
the Pachanga Supporters ­

01-03-2008 18:21

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